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Pretty Bike Post 137


Nnnnnnnggghhh….. It’s so PRETTY!






Always have a matching saddle and bartape

That’s a good basic rule to follow. Please feel free to ignore it when producing something as beautiful as this –

Look at it!

I was intending to write something longer, but I’m currently unbelievably angry with Shimano for daring to sell me a Nexus 8 hub that can’t withstand being in the rain. Oh no wait! Sorry! They sold me two. Which I think makes me stupid. I am in an excellent customer service process with SJS Cycles though, and hope to resolve it amicably. Pro tip! Don’t bother with the Nexus 8 hub, but the Alfine version is great because it’s built to withstand the rain.

Why would anyone build a sealed hub gear system that dies when you cycle it in the rain, you ask? And that’s why I’m angry. Happy post to follow later, I promise.

No to carbon fibre!(?)

I think we’re both agreed that neither of us want to be seen on this in public –

Right? If this was a car it would be a Golf GTI with an obscene rear spoiler and neon lighting around the number plate. It is everything we dislike about your average carbon fibre bike. But the same company also makes this –

Also carbon fibre. I’ll be honest, like a young Zac Efron it has me confused. Everything about it is borderline. I think if you put some smaller rims on the wheels you’d have potentially quite a beautiful bike. The tubing is nice and thin (it looks like a steel bike to me), the saddle, bartape, seat post, bottle cage, even the stem are all colour co-ordinated. Presumably the builder couldn’t find brown hoods for the shifters or they’d have changed that too. Perhaps they have the new Shimano 105 shifters, like me. I can’t find brown hoods that fit for love nor money. Finding a bottle to match might be difficult, but a plain opaque black bottle with no branding would probably be fine. There is possibly a bit too much brown, but it’s hard to tell without seeing it in the flesh. Like I said, it’s borderline. I’d be willing to experiment, but probably not make a long term commitment.

Great People on Bikes


Alfred Einstein looking like the most fun granddad.


Paul Newman with his super suave bowler hat style.


Michael Jackson, looking extra old school adorable.


Brigitte Bardot with perfect cycle chic style.


Everyone’s favorite bicycle gang.