About A&N

We are Audrey&Nimble. A blog about bicycling, inspired by:

About Mei (aka Audrey):

Nimble&I live in London and cycle every day. I ride a beautiful blue and silver Fuji Touring bike named Katniss and a neon yellow Brompton folding bike called the Atomic Kitten.

For fun and enjoyment, for avoiding the Tube, for cruising past Big Ben and Buckingham Palace one day and hurtling past herds of deer in Richmond Park the next. For freedom & exhilaration, for speed & convenience, for style & beauty and damn good design & engineering.

I am constantly on the search for attractive yet functional biking products  – bags, helmets, clothing, shoes, bells (&whistles) – that make cycling a little easier and a little more beautiful. I think the world would be a better place if more people cycled.

About Nimble:

I commute to work every day on my Charge Tap, which isn’t hideous and does the job. At all other times, and any morning I don’t need to worry about where I’ll lock my bike up during the day, I ride a most beautiful, elegant and dangerously fast Condor Fratello.

I like my bikes and their associated accessories, and also the clothes I wear while on my bike, to perform excellently while not looking like Tour De France advertisements. Naturally, this is incredibly difficult, such is the scarcity of anything in cycling that’s been designed for the discerning gentleman.  I disagree with the need to sacrifice form for function outside of the sporting arena and I’m constantly on the lookout for clothes as beautiful as the Paul Smith Rapha collection, but at more affordable prices.


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