The Epic London-Wales Journey: Day 1

It’s the morning after the first leg of our London-Wales ride, and I’m quite happy to report that we are still alive. Slightly bruised (me, having let my bike fall on..myself), slightly battered (pain in the crotchal region, no thanks to the padded shorts) and broken (ow a bit in the knees, ow a bit in the back) but overall alive and kicking and ready for day 2.

Tally for day 1, London to Reading:
41 miles
1 bug-in-the-eye incident
1 ‘oh shit we’re on the motorway’ incident
2 rabbits, many horses, abundant cows
3 kennels and 2 catteries!
2 energy bars, 2 sausages, 2 biscuits, many tomatoes consumed on the road
1 damson crumble made from damsons picked in the courtyard of the country pub while we ate our chips and vinegar.

And in photos:





And now we’re off for day 2! Just a few more awkward butt stretches, repacking of the 3 panniers, 1 rack bag and 1 handlebar bag, and 2 massive full English breakfasts, and on we ride. See you in Swindon!


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